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Headmaster Canny is a program for making timetables for different educational establishments. It works in Macintosh G4, G5 or Intel computers and requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer. The screen resolution has to be at least 800x600, but the recommended resolution is 1024x768.


– The program creates a weekly timetable based on the information about courses, teachers and classrooms given to the program. The weekly timetable for each resource group and each member can be seen right away.


– The basic information is saved as a project document and the timetables are saved as a timetable document and the same project can have several alternative timetables.

– The user can drag lessons into a more suitable place in the Timetable Window. If the wanted space is free the lesson is moved there, otherwise the lesson will return to the original place and there will be a notification about what was taken (teacher, class or classroom) at the bottom of the window.

– Changes can be made totally freely if the reservations of the resources are unchecked. Then the conflicts can be seen in the Conflicts Window and the user can try to fix them with the methods that are available.

– It’s possible to open a Contextual Menu in each lesson in the timetable (press control and click on the lesson) and move the lesson to some other classroom. Only the classrooms that are big enough for the class and free at that moment are shown in the Contextual Menu.

– The resources can be entered manually or read from files that are tab separated. The latter is a good way, if the information about the needed resources already exists on the computer.

– The timetables can be printed or saved to html-files for classes, teachers, classrooms and courses.

html page

Resource window



Edit Courses


What's new in Headmaster Canny 1.2

OS X 10.7 compatible.


What's new in Headmaster Canny 1.1.1

Major speed improvement when constructing the timetable.


What's new in Headmaster Canny 1.1

Improvements in the html saving module.
Small visual improvements.
Opens big projects more quickly.
The resource text files can be imported by dragging and dropping them onto the Import window or the application icon.



For Macintosh G4, G5 or Intel, Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer

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Single User License $89.00 (+VAT)




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